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26 Sep

Autumn Hair – How to!

Well, Autumn!!

Now the weather is getting cooler, and the days are no longer sticky, hair can get exciting!

In summer it is too hot to get over complicated, so we keep it simple and work the ‘messy beach hair’ - after all no one then notices it if it goes a little dishevelled!


For the autumn/winter season there is a sharp rise in the use of hair accessories, from cool hairpins to hairpieces to flowers, embellishment is a very good thing this autumn.

For fashion week this month there were load of cool statement hair accessories turning up at multiple shows.


If you are not naturally gifted in the hair do department, attempting complicated styles can be daunting. To recreate this look, then: -

Step 1: Make a side ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Separate it into two sections, leaving out a long 1-inch piece underneath.

Step 3: Take the 1-inch piece and wrap it in a figure 8 pattern around each of the two ponytail sections.

Step 4: Each time you pull the 1-inch piece through the middle, add a bit of hair from the ponytails (similar to the French braiding technique). This keeps you from running out of hair to wrap around the ponytails.

Step 5: Secure with a clear elastic and shape the braid with your fingers.

Step 6: Set with stronghold hairspray.


Everyone from Jackie O to Beyoncé has sported some variation of this famous style. Not wanting to look old fashioned? Try the ‘half up half down’ do….

There is no need to worry if you weren't born with naturally voluminous locks. There's one simple step that will achieve great body in a matter of minutes. If you're starting with wet hair, be sure to use a volumising spray at the roots before blow-drying.

1. Part your hair into a deep side part in line with the arch in your left eyebrow.

2. Tease the crown- remember big = beautiful!.

3. Smooth out your backcombing – make sure you use the right brush to gently smooth your hair back, creating a perfectly coifed bouffant.

4. Pin it!!! Make sure you use several pins to secure your do, ideally the same colour as your hair.

5. Set it with Style Lock Hairspray.

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