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04 Mar

biOrganics’ Vegetable Proteins Help Smooth Unruly and Dry Hair

Salon Secrets DuoProtein makes up an astounding 88% of hair, and depriving the hair of protein can leave it looking and feeling dry, brittle and damaged.

Using hair products with proteins as a main ingredient, such as the professional range from biOrganics, will repair hair and restore it to its natural, healthy state.

Hair mostly consists of long, coiled protein strands, which are easily broken and damaged with frequent washing and heat styling. With many women relying on methods of heat styling daily, it is vital to replace the lost protein to avoid dull, lack-lustre hair. Using biOrganics shampoo and conditioner, infused with natural wheat and vegetable proteins, will repair the brittle, protein-deprived hair and nourish every single strand.

Natasha Wesley, owner of biOrganics, says, “Lifeless, dry and dull hair is often suffering from protein deficiency. Common problems such as split ends, weak or brittle hair and an episode of frizz are easily combated with the proteins enriched in our products. In our Salon Secrets collection, the Replenishing Shampoo uses strengthening wheat protein to revitalize and repair the lacklustre hair, and protect from further breakage. The Replenishing Treatment contains vegetable proteins, which further restores damaged hair and returns the silky feel to long tresses. Protein is the very essence of healthy hair, so it is important to nurture and care for your locks with hair care infused with different proteins.”

The best selling Salon Secrets range produces exceptional results, thanks to the multitude of organic ingredients that implant moisture into the hair - including Argan oil, sunflower seed extract and the all important wheat and vegetable proteins. This unique blend of naturally active ingredients works to repair the damage caused by heat styling, colouring and environmental exposure to reveal healthy, hydrated and shiny hair.

The Remoist Moisturising Conditioner is another professional product from biOrganics which performs miracles for overly dry, coarse and chemically damaged hair types. The scientific blend of minerals, proteins and organic ingredients reach deep into the hair cortex, infusing natural moisture, elasticity and lustre. The crucial ingredient is the organic chestnut and coconut oil, which works to gently restore the hair’s usual softness, bounce and shine to reinstate your beautiful, healthy locks.

As an organic, cruelty-free brand, biOrganics produce ethical beauty products using natural and organic active ingredients. Their professional hair care range produces salon-quality results, without using harmful chemicals or unnecessary synthetic substances. The team behind biOrganics’ products understand that healthy-looking hair starts with a natural solution; nutritional wheat and vegetable proteins are the ultimate ingredient for healthy, strong, and nourished hair which oozes vitality, shine and lustre.

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