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25 Jun

Festival Hair

In honour of, without question, the biggest and best festival in the world, this weeks blog is going festival!

We are breaking from tradition and wont be mentioning biOrganics in the blog (well, apart from this mention, does that count:))

For those who have waded through swamps of mud, survived torrential floods and gone a whole week without a shower (yes, a week! ... don't be fooled by the 3 day festival, it opens Wednesday and to get the best pitch involves getting in first, which means camping outside the gates on Tuesday - its all about dedication!) we are going to reward your services to all things festival by letting you in on the secrets of those annoying people at festivals.

You know the ones we mean - those who swan around with gorgeous hair even after not going near water for days - we will share their secrets with you, meaning you can look like a goddess for the week.

So, here goes ... pay attention...

Day 0

Before rocking up at the festival gates, make sure you wash your hair. Any we mean wash it. Like its never been washed before in its life. Forget the swanky finishing products - leave them off, as you don't want to overload your hair before you start, However a good blow dry will make your hair last even longer.

Day 1

Au Naturel is best for the first day - accessorise with a flower garland and all is good. Before going to bed, plait in to loose plaits and go to sleep. If you can.

Day 2

When you wake up the next day, after a very heavy night, you might be shocked at the state of your do! Leave it be - don't fiddle with it much apart from to take out the plaits and make it in to tousled waves - your hair will look like you've styled it for hours to get the look, when really you've run your hand through the ends a couple of times (the less you fuss it the cleaner it will stay - your hands won't be clean, no matter how many baby wipes you've used!)

Day 3

Day 3 means backcombing like your life depends on it. Backcombing hides a multitude of sins, and you will spend the day looking like a goddess. Trust us!

Day 4

By now you would normally be crying in to the nearest portal (urrgghh) however this time round you will be loving life due to dry shampoo / baby powder. Use sparingly, and then use braids and twists - they hide a multitude of sins.

Hair Gallery

Source: Image 3 Become Gorgeous

Source: Image 4 Hair Romance

Key Points to Remember!

  • The secret is updos, such as buns, twists and braids look so much better on direct hair
  • Don't touch your hair unless its first thing to style it - leave it alone!
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