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16 Jul

Hair Colouring Made Easy

We love reading hair blogs. We do – we can’t get enough of them. And the majority of blogs about hair colouring are about the whole Salon vs Home dye debate – now whilst we would love to wade in to this (and we have opinions, believe us!) we thought we would pick up where they miss off – not where you should get it dyed, but should you dye your hair at all, and if you do, what colour!

Point 1 - should you dye your hair?

Many people dye their hair as they are: -

• Bored;

• Going grey;

• Fancy a change;

• Want to feel happier in themselves …

…the list goes on.

But does dying your hair cause lasting damage? Contrary to the myths out there, colouring your hair will not cause it to fall out, nor will it make it thinner. It may make it drier, however that’s where products come in – make sure you treat your hair well. Clearly this is the bit we endorse our fab range, our complete range of natural conditioners act as a perfect complement to the biOrganics shampoo range, with the same perfect blend of organic ingredients and salon performance results.

So now we have addressed should you – lets address the next bit

Point 2 – What colour should I dye my hair?

You can’t open hair magazines without being bombarded by loads of cool colours – for example Kelly Osborne’s grey hair – but lets be honest for most of us whilst these colours look cool in a magazine, they won’t go well for doing the weekly shop in Tesco’s – most people will stare at you thinking you have gone grey early!

Hair colour can, and does, change your appearance – your hair is the first thing people see. We believe it is important to ensure that you think about your skin tone and what colour suits before going ahead with a permanent colour.

Skin: Pale

Hair: Warm Golden Blonde / Auburn

Similar To: Amy Adams

To Avoid: Ashy shades – they will make you appear more washed out

Skin: Medium but Warm

Hair: Chocolate Brown 

Similar To: Zooey Deschanel

To Avoid: Black – this would be too harsh on your skin tone

Skin: Pale with Freckles

Hair: Golden Red 

Similar To: Emma Stone

To Avoid: Blending in – a contrast between skin and hair helps your complexion

Skin: Olive 

Hair: Darkest Darkest Brown

Similar To: Nicola Scherzinger

To Avoid: Black – this will only bring out any darkness in your skin tone, especially around the eye area

Skin: Medium but Cool

Hair: Caramel 

Similar To: Jessica Biel

To Avoid: Too light or too dark

Skin: Dark

Hair: Auburn Brown

Similar To: Sharon Leal

To Avoid: Black – you want to enhance rather than clash your hair and skin tone

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