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15 Sep

How to wash your hair!

Sounds easy right? We all wash our hair you would be surprised to know most people dont know the correct way of washing hair to get optimum results.

1) Brush your hair thoroughly, to loosen any dirt

2) Wet hair thoroughly with warm water as hot water can dry hair. Make sure you lift your hair at the roots, especially in the back, so the water can soak your scalp, where both oil and dirt collect.

3) Rub a pound coin sized dab of shampoo in your palms. Add water and then lather slightly.

4) Apply the shampoo. Starting at the crown of your head, move down to your neck and then along your hairline paying attention to the underside of your hair in the back, against your scalp.

5) Scrub your scalp gently in small circles with the pads of your fingers to loosen skin flakes, styling-product residue, and natural oils.

6) Rinse with lukewarm water for at least one minute.

7) Put conditioner in your hand, again the same size as a pound coin, and then comb the conditioner through your hair with your fingers, paying attention to the ends of the hair.

8) Leave the conditioner for a minute or two, combing through your hair with your fingers.

9) Rinse the hair with warm water until all of the conditioner is washed out.

10) Make sure you do not ‘rub’ your hair dry – squeeze on to a towel instead.

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