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06 Aug

Long vs Short

So. We’ve spent some time researching hair – after all its what we do – and decided to write a blog on … pixie cuts….

So, we went on Google, and put in ‘Pixie Cut’….. and are absolutely how many people dedicate websites, blogs, tumblr’s, Pinterest sites to the Pixie Cut – which made us think that Pixie Cuts are the way forward, so here goes!

Now, most of you are probably swishing your beautiful tresses about as we write this – and are thinking ‘only old ladies have short hair’. Is that you? Right now, stop swishing and get reading.

Long hair is great. It’s easy to hide behind. It can be styled. However, after speaking to many people with short hair they say going short is very liberating – not having anything to hide behind means that you are ‘you’, not ‘you and your hair’.

Not only that, but the Pixie Cut is VERY on trend and will make you stand out from others in the crowd.

As with all hairstyles, no two pixies are the same – are you after a feminine look? something edgy? Something messy? Or something that you can do all of these with – varying your look.

Look at Anne Hathaway – Long Hair vs Short – what do you think?

If you are worried about going all the way then start with a bob (although bobs are notoriously difficult to maintain – so be prepared) and then when you get used to that, then chop away.

If you are looking for versatility, then keep some of the top long (sweep fringe back, leave fringe messy, make fringe slightly wavy)

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