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22 Aug

The Organic within biOrganics

Hey Hair Bloggers!

For this blog we are going out on as limb, so to speak, and moving away from hair.

Before you all turn off, please stay reading for at least the next few lines, just to see what its all about.

Here at biOrganics we are very proud of our Organic stance, and we gathered that, as you love our products, you must be too.

And you love blogs – that’s apparent as you are reading this.

So this time round we decided to give you something, in the form of a few Organic blogs that we love, in the hope you can gain some inspiration.

Your hair will still look beautiful, even if you don’t read a hair blog from us this week, as if you use our products that’s all it takes!

So, Organic….

Eco Fashion Life
The writer decided to go organic in 2011 and has been looking for the best eco-friendly fashions, skin care, and much more!

Go Organic Now
This blog gives information on living organically without pesticides, herbicides, and manmade chemicals. Also updates you on what’s new in the raw organic food world.

Organic Passion
Organic Passion is your trusted source for the latest clean beauty tips, home-made skin care recipes, natural and organic product reviews, and healthy lifestyle how-to’s..

The Holistic Chef
Exploring the culinary world with organic, whole foods

My Organic Life
The writer of this blog shares their love of cooking nutritious food, giving you some creatively inspiring ideas.

Deliciously Organic
Overcoming Health Issues without Drugs – Just Good, Natural, Real Food!

Real Food Lover
This blog is about what happens when you eat Organic, local food.

If you have any other blogs on Organic things you love then please share them with us via Twitter or Facebook.

Check back next week for a fab hair blog…. (we promise!)

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