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23 Jul

The Wonders of Beach Hair

As with all things in life, the simpler things look the harder they are to do, right?

The same can be said about the fab hairstyle that is (quite apt given the weather) ‘beach tousled'.

So, how do you achieve this? If you are like us, you watch people wandering about looking like they’ve made no effort with beautiful sunny tresses, and yours looks, well, a bit frizzy!

So, how do they achieve it?

Salt Spray

Believe it or not, most people do have a natural wave to their hair. By spraying hair with a salt spray it should make the wave come out.

Spray a little salt spray in to either wet or damp hair (and remember, only use a little!) and then scrunch up the ends. You can then either finish off with a diffuser, or leave to dry naturally. If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying spray (after all, sea water is free!) then mix a very small amount of sea salt with water in a spray bottle (try to also add some oil/conditioner – check out our hair perfecting oil) then shake well before every use. Simple!

Its important to then treat your hair – as salt is drying – why not go for a simple leave in conditioner the next day to replenish moisture?


Make sure your hair is dry before recreating beach waves with curling irons / tongs. It goes without saying, the smaller the barrels the smaller the waves – and then curl from the ends up – this is a quicker option to the one above, remember again to ensure your hair is protected from heat damage.


This is the simplest option – remember when you used to plait your hair so it could be ‘wavy’ the next day?? Well this method is similar, in that if you wrap your hair in a bun (try to avoid one big bun, 4 smaller ones work best) and allow it to dry, when you take it out in the morning all it takes is a bit of finger combing and hairspray and – good to go!

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